Don’t trust these 3 disturbing apps — two of ’em can track your live movements

Cybersecurity firm Cyfirma (haha, how’s that for a portmanteau) discovered three suspicious Android apps under the moniker “SecurITY Industry.” After doing some deep-dive research, Cyfirma discovered that the folks behind the dubious account are part of a threat group called DoNot. (This gets juicier when you find out that, according to SOCRadar, DoNot is a spy group linked to the Indian government.)

DoNot has been targeting regions such as Norway and South Asia for their own political agenda, but it seems like regular civilians like you and me can easily get caught up in their cyber warfare. After all, DoNot’s infected apps were found in the Google Play Store for anyone to download.

Which 3 apps should you watch out for?

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