Spider-Man No Way Home Final Red and Blue Suit: Best Look Yet

tom holland in spiderman suit figure

Finally, a great look at that brand new, homemade Spidey-suit.
Image: Hot Toys

We may not know when Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is coming back to the big screen, but we do know what he’ll look like when he does. Spider-Man: No Way Home ended with Peter Parker crafting himself a new Spider suit so he could keep up his heroic actions after the manic multiverse events. And the suit was inspired by the classic Spider looks of old: red, blue, and webbed all over.

The problem was, it only showed up in the movie’s final scene so we didn’t get a great look at it. Until now. Hot Toys just revealed its “Spider-Man New Red and Blue Suit” figure from No Way Home and it’s stunning. In this slideshow, you’ll get to see it from every angle, and you’ll want to.

Sideshow is now taking pre-orders with the hope to ship in early 2024. It costs $280 for just the figure or $345 for the figure with a special stand, which you’ll see in the slideshow.

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