There’s Something Wrong With the Children New Horror Trailer

Two children, one with their back to the camera, stare at an uneasy-looking man.

Image: Blumhouse Television

Have you checked the children? That decades-old horror-movie question reverberates in There’s Something Wrong With the Children, a title that’s both literal and ominous. What’s wrong with them, exactly? How did they get that way? And is there any hope of making them right again? The new trailer doesn’t tell us much in the way of details, but the mood here is sheer parental terror.

THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE CHILDREN | Official Trailer | Paramount Movies

Those faces you recognize are Alisha Wainwright from Raising Dion and Zach Gilford from Midnight Mass and The Midnight Club, along with Amanda Crew (Silicon Valley) and Carlos Santos (Gentefied); they play two couples who take their similarly-aged kids on a weekend trip someplace where the woods apparently have a very bad influence on young minds.

Directed by Roxanne Benjamin (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, XX) and written by T.J. Cimfel and Dave White (Intruders, V/H/S: Viral), There’s Something Wrong With the Children hits digital and on demand January 17, then arrives on MGM+ March 17.

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