What TV Cancellation Still Stings in Your Heart?

Image: Netflix

Earlier in the week, the news broke that the DC shows Titans and Doom Patrol were simultaneously canceled in the middle of their respective fourth seasons. The two shows were the final holdouts from the DC Universe app that later jumped ship over to HBO Max, and come as the 2010 era of live-action DC Comics shows are gradually winding down before new DC Films co-head James Gunn introduces a new slate of shows and films that’ll be more interconnected.

TV shows get canceled all the time, and for varying reasons, but it really does feel like that rate has ramped up within the last five or six years. Sometimes a show that seemed like it has a pretty secure net up and gets got, other times there’s a show that abruptly has its momentum killed before it can get a good speed going. Either way, it ain’t a particularly great feeling, particularly for the shows that don’t really hit their stride until a second season. (Which, honestly, continues to be a good amount of them.) And what makes this even more frustrating is the recent trend of shows getting canceled after they were previously guaranteed multiple seasons by a network or streamer in an effort to save money.

The shows may go away, but our bitterness about their unjust ends sure don’t. We’ve all got a show or two that we wish lasted just a little longer and didn’t have their plug pulled. There’s still people out there that are bitter about old shows like Firefly or Sarah Connor Chronicles, or more fairly recent cancellations like Glow. Let us know in the comments below what canceled TV shows (half of them are probably from Netflix) that you’re still harboring a grudge about.

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